Safety Dart Board

Safety Dart Board

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Do you love the idea of playing a darts game but have nowhere to set one up?

Enter the safety darts board.

This professional level darts game set includes a 42cm diameter board and 6 x rubber tip safety darts. The pliable rubber tips of the darts allow the specially designed dartboard to catch and hold the darts.

Additionally, this darts game set is safe for use by both adults and children.

Easy to setup, the dartboard can be hung on a wall using the hook attachment on the back. Alternatively, the board can be set on any flat surface (such as a table or even the floor) using the including steel stand.

This set makes the perfect addition to your games room, or excellent entertainment to bring out at BBQs and friendly gatherings. You can even take it to your next picnic.

Darts Game Set Features;

  • 42cm diameter board designed to catch the safety darts.
  • Hanger hook for installing on a wall.
  • Included steel stand allowing the board to be setup on a flat surface.
  • 6 x non-marking rubber tipped safety darts (2 colours x 3 darts each).
  • Can be used by both adults and children.


The Safety Darts Game Set is suitable for players 6 years and older.

Complete your gaming setup and get your Safety Darts Set now!

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