Johnco 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit

Johnco 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit

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Johnco – 12 in 1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit :- An amazing solar and hydraulic powered robot that can be transformed into 12 different models. The robot is powered by the sun and requires no batteries.

Create 12 unique hydraulic solar-powered animals and robots with this easy do-it-yourself construction kit!

Building robots have never been so much fun! With the 12 in 1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit, you can create and transform your robot into 12 different animals and vehicles using the power of solar and water! Combining STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) ideas and processes, the solar and hydraulic construction kit allows children to explore and learn the benefits of alternate energy, including the functional mechanisms involved in robotic movement and modelling. Better yet, the 12 in 1 Solar & Hydraulic Construction kit does not require batteries to operate! The modelling involved in the creation of these robots is based on the real-life characteristics and movement of animals and vehicles. Children and explore these functions and learn how they’re mimicked in robotic form or kids can use their imagination to create an entirely new robot of their own. The options are endless when you’re building robots!

Johnco – 12 in 1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit : Detailed instructions guide you through the process of creating each creature, and once each is completed, simply charge your solar panel in the sun and watch them move! You can create a fantastic snapping crocodile, a monkey that climbs, a jaw-crunching T-Rex, an ostrich that runs, a fierce clawing scorpion, a zigzagging buggy and much more!

Beautifully gift boxed, this solar construction kit is the perfect introduction to invention for the solar engineers of the future!



Create 12 different solar-powered robots!

Climbing monkey, snapping crocodile & more!

Powered by included solar panel

Detailed instructions included

Beautifully gift packaged.

Box includes: 4 x trays of assembly parts, gears, 1 x motor, screws, hydraulics, string, 1 x solar panel, oil

Multiple use

Different options to build

Solar powered & hydraulic powered

No batteries

Robot can be transformed into 12 different models

Assembly required

Batteries: Not required. Powered by solar!

Ages: 8 and above. Not suitable for children 3 years and under due to choking hazard .

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