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Triominos, also known as Triominoes, is a cousin of the popular game of dominoes and is played with triangular tiles. The most well-known commercial version of Triominos was released by the Pressman Toy Corp. in 1965. Unlike dominoes, Triominoes uses triangular tiles, and has a unique playstyle.

How to Play Triominos?

Triominos is designed for 2-4 players. All you need to play is a set of Triominos.


Triomino tiles are shaped as equilateral triangles. These tiles have a number ranging from 0-5 on each corner. The tiles exist with similar rules to dominoes, where the three numbers are not allowed to decrease in the clockwise direction. In total, there are 56 tiles in a 0-5 Triomino set.

You might be able to find sets with the numbers 0-6. These will have 8 tiles instead. In this guide, we will be focusing on the 0-5 set for 2 players.

Setting Up

All the tiles are placed face down and shuffled. The tiles on the board will form the stock or draw pile and will be the source for all further draws.

While there isn’t an exact ruleset, most players will choose to start with 10 tiles each. The tiles are picked randomly from the stock. Once all players have 10 tiles, the game will commence.