Garage Playbook

Garage Playbook

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This is a zip up, screen printed cloth book which features practical learning activities for preschoolers. An excellent toy for traveling or even just to a restaurant. 

One side of the page contains several "garage items" such as soccer ball, tools, and car, which can easily be removed and placed in the storage place, such as a locker, on the opposite page. 
Each item name is embroidered underneath it to identify and boost reading skills.

- page 1, 2 : What's kept in the locker? e.g. skateboard, golf bag, bat
- page 3, 4 : What's kept inside the cupboard? e.g. hammer, screw drivers, tape measure
- page 5, 6:  What's kept inside the cabinet? e.g. paint buckets, roller brush, old papers and magazines
- page 7, 8:  What's kept in the garage? 

Book Extend: 8 pages (plus covers)
Book Format: cloth book 
Length: 255mm
Height :370mm
Spine: 15mm
(sizes may vary slightly)
Materials: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton