Everearth Large Bamboo Noah's Ark

Everearth Large Bamboo Noah's Ark

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Everearth Large Bamboo Noah’s Ark with Animals

A stunning ark made from Bamboo has Mr and Mrs Noah taking care of 7 pairs of animals.


  • This stunning Noah’s Ark has 7 pairs of animals and Mr and Mrs Noah.
  • There are portholes and a fold-down door at the side of the ark to allow the animals into the base where they can be safely stored.
  • Crafted from bamboo, except for the upper walls which are rubberwood.
  • It is beautifully finished and the animals included are monkeys, crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, zebras, tigers and doves.
  • These are all painted in different colours and, of course, come in pairs!
  • It is large enough for several children to play with at once and beautiful enough to be left on display.

Size: L64 x W26 x H 32.5cms
Ages: 2 Years +