Bruder Mack Cement Mixer

Bruder Mack Cement Mixer

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Bruder MACK Granite Cement Truck 02814

The German made Bruder Mack Granite Cement Truck is a HUGE 1:16 scale toy truck.


  • Typical of this American icon of the trucking industry this incredibly realistic cement mixer has driver’s cabin  doors can be opened.
  • The bonnet tilts to show the massive engine and the rear mirrors fold.
  • The barrel can be turned by a fold out handle.
  • It works just like the real thing. When the concrete pour is finished the chutes attached to the sides of the assembly folded back over each other.

See the MACK Granite cement truck in action, click on the video button on the image.

Size: 66.5 x 18.5 x 27.5 cm

Ages: 4 Years